Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dungarpur Bird Fair at a Glance

The Event

                The Dungarpur Bird Fair is being organized on 21-22 December (Sat-Sun), 2013. The event will be two days long and all bird, wildlife and nature lovers are invited to experience the wonderful sights and sounds of the wildlife rich habitats of Dungarpur and its environs.
                The lakes and forests of Dungarpur host a large diversity of resident and locally migratory birds all through the year. However, the period from October till March also witnesses arrival of a large variety of winter visitors from Central Asia and Europe to escape the inhospitable weather in their native lands. This effort is an attempt to put Dungarpur on the bird watching map of India as a popular birding and eco-tourism destination and is proposed to be held as an annual event.

About Dungarpur and its lakes

                 Dungarpur district is naturally endowed with about 65 significant water bodies. There is an interesting cluster of lakes in and around Dungarpur town namely - Gaib Sagar, Sonaria, Sabela, Jalan, Patela and Ghanti Talao.  Out of these, Gaib Sagar and Sabela are the most important ones.
             The Bird Fair is being held at the famous Gaib Sagar Lake of Dungarpur (latitude 2341" N and longitude 7344" E).The beautiful Vijayraj Rajeshwar temple near the Udai Bilas Palace is also situated inside the lake. Gaib Sagar is surrounded on one side by the famous Badal Mahal and on the other side by the ancient Shreenathji temple.
                A large number of resident and local migratory birds are resident at Gaib Sagar all through the year. During the winter months  migratory birds also arrive here in great numbers.  


                The most convenient way to travel to Dungarpur is by road from Udaipur or Ahmedabad as both these places are well connected by rail, road and air. 
                If you plan to travel by train, advance reservations will have to be made. Similarly, if you want to combine your visit to Dungarpur with a visit to nearby destinations such as Udaipur or Ahmedabad, advance reservation of accommodation is also a must.

How to reach

                Dungarpur district is located in southern Rajasthan and borders Udaipur dist. on the north,  Banswara dist. on the east and the newly formed districts of Aravalli and Mahisagar of Gujarat on the west and south. There are no convenient trains to Dungarpur. However, the Road (NH-8) from Udaipur and Ahmedbad is excellent. Road distance from Udaipur is 105 kms (1½ hrs.) while Ahmedabad is 180 kms (3½ hrs.) away. Dungarpur offers limited choice for stay and dining etc. The available options** are being listed for the convenience of the participants coming from outside.

Instructions to the participants

        Bring your own Binoculars / Telescope / Spotting Scope/Camera etc. Wear light / soft colored clothes such as khaki/brown/grey/green etc. for the Bird Fair/Birding. Light woolens are recommended.
                Weather – extremely pleasant (Temperature – Around 10-120C during night and around 25-280C  during the day).

Program :-

Day One :   21st December, 2013 (Saturday)

Bird Fair
                Venue :  Gaib Sagar Lake, Dungarpur (Rajasthan)
                Time   :  8.00 AM to 12.00 Noon
                Briefing : At the venue : 8.00 to 8.30 AM
                Venue :  EDP Hall, Collectorate, Dungarpur
                Time   : 3.00 to 5.30 PM

Day Two :             22nd December, 2013 (Sunday)

Field Visits :  Birding at various water bodies and forest areas of Dungarpur in small groups of 3-4 persons. Birders are expected to use their own vehicles for travelling . They are also advised to either have their breakfast before leaving or carry it with them. If needed, guides would be made available by the organizers.

Workshop  :       By Dr. Asad Rahmani, Director BNHS

                Subject : Bird Census Techniques

:: Contact Persons ::

Chief Co-ordinator                           Dy Co-ordinator                    Vikram Singh (IAS),                       Kamlesh Sharma              District Collector,                            Public Relations Officer
Dungarpur                                       Dungarpur
Tel :02964-231002(O)                     Tel :  02964- 231151 (O)
                                                       Mob. : +91 9414111123

Virendra Singh Bedsa
 Hon. Wildlife Warden,
Mob.: +91 9414723787
e-mail   : dungarpurbirds@gmail.com
Blog : http://dungarpurbirds.blogspot.in/

** Private Hotels :

-  Hotel Udai Bilas Palace, Dungarpur http://udaibilaspalace.com/    

-  Hotel Sai Palace, Dungarpur  02964-293095, 9680471901

-  Hotel The Way,Dungarpur  02964-231825

- Hotel Gayatri, Dungarpur  02964-234347

-  Hotel Vaibhav,Dungarpur  02964-230244

-  Hotel Pratibha Palace, Dungarpur 02964-230775

-  Hotel Raghuroy, Dungarpur  9461143143

-  Hotel Vasundhara, Dungarpur  02964-232282
The following hotels are situated on NH-8 at a driving distance of about 30-40 mins. from Dungarpur :

-  Hotel Signature, NH-8 Khajuri,  9783596624

-  Hotel Kingfisher, NH-8 Khajuri,   9784407555

-  Hotel Kathiyawari, NH-8 Bichiwara  02964-250431, 250135

-  Hotel Neelgiri, NH-8 Bichiwara  02964-250047, 250278

-  Hotel Atithi, NH-8 Motli  9571154500